2015.11.02 22:09|event
My sister and I made Halloween dinner.

Recently its annual events for me.

This year , Micky stew.

Stew was made of coconuts milk.

It was delicious but..

Squash rice wasn't delicious.

That's too bad.

I guess I put squash in rice too mich.

But it looks cute and be ok.笑

My sister and I wore bat costume together.
Next day 12/31.

I went to USJ .

It was soooo crowded.

But it was fun. But so tired.

This year's Halloween I could enjoy.

Glass cookies

2015.10.27 22:31|Cooking

I made cookies.

I put some candy on the middle of cookie.
It's many.

It looks lovely ! I haven't had a bite these yet .

I hope it is delicious.


2015.10.25 23:10|未分類

I received these roses.

These are so beautiful.

Really red color.
I put it entrance of my house.

New soap

2015.10.22 22:17|未分類

We started using this soap.

It was given as a souvenirs.
It smells orange.

Because name is " orange and honey".

What a nice conbinations!
I love it.♡

︎CoCoA is..

2015.10.20 22:20|未分類

Cocoa's neck is softy.

Sooo lovely.
I wanna hold him tightly.