Glass cookies

2015.10.27 22:31|Cooking

I made cookies.

I put some candy on the middle of cookie.
It's many.

It looks lovely ! I haven't had a bite these yet .

I hope it is delicious.


2015.10.25 23:10|未分類

I received these roses.

These are so beautiful.

Really red color.
I put it entrance of my house.

New soap

2015.10.22 22:17|未分類

We started using this soap.

It was given as a souvenirs.
It smells orange.

Because name is " orange and honey".

What a nice conbinations!
I love it.♡

︎CoCoA is..

2015.10.20 22:20|未分類

Cocoa's neck is softy.

Sooo lovely.
I wanna hold him tightly. 

My English texts

2015.10.19 22:11|English
I borrowed some books at the library last week.

At first, I am trying the left book .

I don't know I become to speak well or not.

But I just try ..  :)

Ten don

2015.10.16 22:14|Cooking
I made Tendon for dinner.

It was my dirst time to make Tendon.

A lot of kinds foods are on the rice.

Fish, sausage , beans , bell pepper , onion and kamaboko.

It was delicious.

I like it and I want to become be good at cooking Tempura.

Reaction of my eyes

2015.10.13 22:20|未分類
It was my first time to go to work since I was done operatin my eyes.

A few people said , " my face changed a little".

It mean my make up was heavier today than usual.
I told them , my eyes changed.
They were surprised.

I 'm wondering  I should have not told them ..

garam masala

2015.10.12 22:11|Cooking
My mother and I bought a new seasoning "garam masala".

I had called it " gamusa masala" until this afternoon. Lol

I made curry for dinner using this.

It was a little hot.

But it seems he likes that.
It was good taste.

Pay day off

2015.10.12 15:59|未分類
I take a day off today

Because my eyes is not normal until today.

Because I took a operation last weekend.
I threw away a lot of things.

I went to cafe for lunch with my mother.

After that I went to book store with my mother and bought a new schedule note.

It was written by Hazuki.

I have read the novel was written by Hazuki once before.

I like that novel.

That encouraged me then :)
I'm exited to use this schedule note. (^O^)/

congratulations our new royal baby

2015.10.05 22:26|未分類
My sister went to London last week.
She bought madcap and coaster to me as souvenir.

It's so cute and I'm happy.

Maybe it's a memorial goods of birth of new royal baby.

It's my favorite!
I use this at my office  from today.