making dessert

2015.08.30 18:55|Cooking

I made 2 kinds desserts.

These are milk pudding and jelly.

I had not made "Kira Kira jelly" until making it.

It's " kirakira".

I used a lo of ingredients to spare.

my dog's feeling

2015.08.29 00:21|未分類
Our dog looks like bad.
I guess he is sick.

He spat and so on many times.

He always looks too fine .
So I think it's rarely such a thing.

I hope he get better soon.

I really really hope he do never die

I don't feed and care for him much...

But this is my sweetie.


2015.08.26 07:49|未分類
I am tired nowadays..
My mother also be tired nowadays.

I don't know why I'm tired.
But I can't wake up early.
It's getting late...


Yesterday's dinner.

I got something to eat yesterday.

We are dinner using these.

cocoa's birthday

2015.08.19 22:18|Cooking
I baked cake.
I baked this last year , too.

Because today was my dog's 13th birthday !! :)

I'm glad he has been living for such a long time.
I hope I can bake for him next year , too.

Tomorrow is his birthday party.

He can eat a lot this cake.

He likes anything to eat . Lol

Thus he must be so glad.

If so , I also feel happy.

My boss gave me this souvenir of Ehime pref.

It is called " Taruto" there.

I didn't know that.


2015.08.18 22:35|Cooking
I could eat fresh fruits today.

And I could it yesterday , too.

I'm happy .:)

Fresh fruits is sweet and good!

Today's dinner

I made main( pork ) only

My mother made other.

long time

2015.08.17 22:09|未分類
I didn't write my diary recently.

I wanna study English but I must study about my company lesson.

It's so difficult and it often bother me .

I hope it's early to finish its exam.

I overworked many time last week.

What's why I couldn't make dinner .

I made dinner about.. It's been a week since last making .

My mother praised me my dinner .

I was glad to hear that.

Summer festival at Nagoya castle

2015.08.17 08:16|未分類
I went to festival at Nagoya castle with my friend.

I didn't know that I have to pay entrance fee when I enter there.

The festival big but there weren't so many people.

Because of entrance fee ..?
And it's expensive to buy something to eat.

So we eat in convenience store in the end.