Summer Festival in Minato

2015.07.21 21:28|event
I went to summer festival in Minato with my friends and two Filipino.
There were a tuns of people!
It was so crowded.

We could see many beautiful fireworks.


We can see a few hearts in this fireworks.
It's cute.


After finishing firework show , We had to wait an hour to ride train.
So We walked between 2 station of train.

But it also was crowded. lol

Anyway I had a nice time.
Good memories!


2015.07.19 21:42|未分類

I needed to clean up my house.
My mother said me " you have to clean your a lot of things!"

I could clear a little bit.
But I need to clean other place.
Maybe next weekend or next next weekend.

Saturday dinner


I made anchovy pasta and so on.

After eating dinner , I met my friend and went to restaurant.
I only had Spinach and bacon.
It was \100 only because I used my coupon ticket.

She also wants to play volley ball .
I'm thinking to start to play volley ball with my other friend.
The more people , the more fun! :)


I cleaned again.
And I played piano and so on.

Today's dinner


I made chicken-don.

I made easy meal this weekend.
The reason why It was troublesome...


I had to study but I couldn't.


2015.07.17 21:48|未分類
Today is Friday!
I'll holiday tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

I worked as usual today.

I made dinner today , too.

securedownload (2)

I made cream cheese using yogurt yesterday and used it .
But my parents said we didn't feel taste of cream cheese.

Umm .. Its' difficult.

These were not so delicious.

I need to practice cooking more.

I got a lot of food

2015.07.16 22:10|Cooking

I saw a bird with its baby.
They were crossing the road.

That's so cute . It was my first time to see it.

Today's dinner

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I made fried egg plants , fried pork , miso soup and tomato salad.
And leftover and my mother made a dish using bitter melon.

I was gave a lot foods.

At first my boss bought and gave me that dessert.
It was delicious.


At second my boss gave me these.
He got at customer's show yesterday.
And so on.

securedownload (1)

I got a few good things today.
I keep to do along that book I borrowed.

Curry Without Roux

2015.07.16 07:53|未分類
I didn't overworked today.

That's why I have enough time recently.

I made curry without roux.

Ingredients are curry powder , yorgret, Tomato sauce and so on.

I put some summer vegetable in it.

My father praided me.

He said this curry was delicious!

But he said this cucumber soup was so salty.

It was too salty to eat.
Today's dessert was chocolate cake.

My father  brought .

First time

2015.07.14 21:52|Cooking
It's my first time to write my diary.
I study English.
I'd like you to see this diary when you are free.

I'll write when I can.

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Today's dinner I made.