Mitsumi's birthday Party

2015.11.09 22:12|event
My sister and I hold our friend's  birthday party at our house.

We also invited other our friend.

Thus there were 4 people in the party.
We made a lot of special foods for lunch.

For example "foie gras" , " Smoked salmon"  and macaroni that my sister was given for her birthday.

And so on..
These were sooooo delicious!

So rich lunch.

We played the game of life , Jenga and card games.

I had a good time.

Comedy live

2015.11.03 22:03|event
I went to comedy live in my city.

We had been waiting for 6 hours until it started.

Thus we could see in the first line !

It was soooooo great time!

I laughed too much ٩( ´◡` )( ´◡` )۶

I enjoyed.


2015.11.02 22:09|event
My sister and I made Halloween dinner.

Recently its annual events for me.

This year , Micky stew.

Stew was made of coconuts milk.

It was delicious but..

Squash rice wasn't delicious.

That's too bad.

I guess I put squash in rice too mich.

But it looks cute and be ok.笑

My sister and I wore bat costume together.
Next day 12/31.

I went to USJ .

It was soooo crowded.

But it was fun. But so tired.

This year's Halloween I could enjoy.

Summer Festival in Minato

2015.07.21 21:28|event
I went to summer festival in Minato with my friends and two Filipino.
There were a tuns of people!
It was so crowded.

We could see many beautiful fireworks.


We can see a few hearts in this fireworks.
It's cute.


After finishing firework show , We had to wait an hour to ride train.
So We walked between 2 station of train.

But it also was crowded. lol

Anyway I had a nice time.
Good memories!