Glass cookies

2015.10.27 22:31|Cooking

I made cookies.

I put some candy on the middle of cookie.
It's many.

It looks lovely ! I haven't had a bite these yet .

I hope it is delicious.

Ten don

2015.10.16 22:14|Cooking
I made Tendon for dinner.

It was my dirst time to make Tendon.

A lot of kinds foods are on the rice.

Fish, sausage , beans , bell pepper , onion and kamaboko.

It was delicious.

I like it and I want to become be good at cooking Tempura.

garam masala

2015.10.12 22:11|Cooking
My mother and I bought a new seasoning "garam masala".

I had called it " gamusa masala" until this afternoon. Lol

I made curry for dinner using this.

It was a little hot.

But it seems he likes that.
It was good taste.

making dessert

2015.08.30 18:55|Cooking

I made 2 kinds desserts.

These are milk pudding and jelly.

I had not made "Kira Kira jelly" until making it.

It's " kirakira".

I used a lo of ingredients to spare.

cocoa's birthday

2015.08.19 22:18|Cooking
I baked cake.
I baked this last year , too.

Because today was my dog's 13th birthday !! :)

I'm glad he has been living for such a long time.
I hope I can bake for him next year , too.

Tomorrow is his birthday party.

He can eat a lot this cake.

He likes anything to eat . Lol

Thus he must be so glad.

If so , I also feel happy.

My boss gave me this souvenir of Ehime pref.

It is called " Taruto" there.

I didn't know that.